The ABLE? Disposable Haemodialyser is mainly used for haemodialysis treatment of acute and chronic renal failure.

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    Disposable Haemodialyser is designed for the hemodialysis treatment of acute and chronic renal failure and for single use. According to the semi-permeable membrane principle, it can introduce patient’s blood and dialysate at the same time, both flows in the opposite direction in the both sides of dialysis membrane. With the aid of gradient of the solute, osmotic pressure and hydraulic pressure, The Disposable Haemodialyser can remove toxin and additional water in the body and at the same time, supply with the necessary material from the dialyzed and maintain electrolyte and acid-base balanced in the blood.

    No absolute contraindication for hemodialysis treatment. Strict monitoring must be achieved for the patients who have tendencies of blood bleeding or cruor during the treatment. The dialyzer should only be used as directed by a physician.