Nasal Feeding Tubes

    Disposable nasogastric feeding tube is composed of a long tube and guidewire, the long tube comprises the connecting part and tubing with lateral eyes and the guidewire comprises connector and guidewire.

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    Apply to single-use delivery enteral nutrition liquid and administration for patients by nasal feeding.

    1. Medical grade polyurethane material, good biocompatibility, little stimulation to the body and strong acid resistance;
    2. The humanized protective cap design can prevent the food reflux caused by gastrointestinal contraction under the pressure stimulation of coughing, sputum suction, turning over and back slapping;
    3. Wire guide for easy placement;
    4. The tube body contains blue lines, which can display the position of the tube body under X-ray;
    5. The retention time is up to 30 days to avoid mechanical damage caused by repeated tube changes.